Art Director. Designer. Illustrator.
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At Trademark, we’re all about creating experiences and evoking emotions in our clients and their attendees that are the most unique and engaging as possible. These are next level, Disney-esque storytelling experiences that are one-of-a-kind. So much so, well, we think they should be trademarked.

To communicate this, we use our new Trademark logo as a pseudo trademark symbol on eve-rything from words that express the emotion one feels when interacting with our experiences, to everyday objects that represent various aspects of our business and what we can do for cli-ents.

Through this treatment we begin to “own” words like “Yes”, as in there is nothing we can’t ex-ecute for a client. We “own” objects or animals or things, like an image of a chameleon to sig-nify how we become immersed in a brand to create and bring to life the best experience. There is nothing we can’t “Trademark” to express what we do, and what we bring to the party.