Art Director. Designer. Illustrator.
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I’m a maker - an illustrator, designer, painter and the co-director of an artist space in Hamtramck. My deep love of fine art has led to huge variety in my work, from creating illustrations on-set with Eminem for his latest video and my 2014 residency of the Red Bull House of Art to my day-to-day work with the students to whom I teach illustration at the College for Creative Studies.

I’ve been working in Advertising and Marketing since 2012. My illustrations and design work have been used in numerous digital and traditional campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and has helped sell $300,000+ marketing campaigns.

Starting my career as an Illustrator, I’ve since grown my ability to visualize and talk sense into imagined space. I love being involved in creative ideation and the struggle to craft concept.

Co-Founding and Co-Directing an artist space in Hamtramck has been monumental for my professional career. I work with a team of people to organize events. We host gallery shows and music performances, and much more. I currently handle programing, manage outreach to artists, and coordinate exhibitions.

I am currently looking for new projects and contracts. I dig one-off assignments or working on-site. I’m just a dude working away with my dog on my lap most of the time (he’s not a lap dog), but you get it.